THE fridge sweet

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My mother used to make this sweet when I was little. I used to
fight with my sister about who would get to “clean” the pot off
the custard. Now, I don’t even serve it on a plate, I prefer
the pyrex tray since one piece is not enough…

How to do it:

Βήμα 1

1) Place the milk, water, sugar in a pot and before it
heats add the corn starch, the egg yolks, the vanilla and
stir slowly until it thickens. If it gets too thick add a
little milk.

Βήμα 2

2) Spread the biscuits in a pyrex tray after dipping
them in brandy diluted with water.

Βήμα 3

3) Dissolve the cocoa powder into 1/4 cup hot water.

Βήμα 4

4) Incorporate half the custard.

Βήμα 5

5) Add the margarine into the rest of the custard and
mix to melt (not over heat).

Βήμα 6

6) Have the two custards ready.

Βήμα 7

7) Spread the custard with the butter.

Βήμα 8

8) Spread another layer of biscuits dipped in diluted

Βήμα 9

9) Spread the chocolate custard.

Βήμα 10

10) Sprinkle with crumbled biscuits or ground
Place the sweet in the fridge for several hours.



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